Addressing Overdose Prevention with Evidence-based Strategies that Work

“If we want to get serious about overdose prevention, we have to say the quiet part out loud: the vast majority of overdoses and overdose deaths take place inside people’s homes,” write ECS Executive Director Beth Stokes and HealthRight360 President and CEO Vitka Eisen in an op-ed for the San Francisco Examiner addressing the tragedy of rising overdose deaths. Our two community-based organizations point to proven, evidence-based strategies that are needed to put people on the path to drug recovery: universal access to Narcan (naxalone) for supportive housing sites and training to administer it for staff, residents, and peers, overdose prevention rooms within supportive housing, support for people who want to live in a drug-free environment, and properly funded, right-sized contracts enabling providers to bring critical behavioral health care resources to bear.

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