Scattered Site Housing

ECS's Scattered Site Housing Department was established in 2021. As opposed to site-based permanent supportive housing, the scattered sites model houses participants in privately-owned units. Staff help participants remain in their housing by providing various services including case management, housing location, workforce services, access to a behavioral health clinician, subsidy administration, life skills training and advocacy. The Scattered Site Housing Department's portfolio of programs consists of the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool, Adult Rapid Rehousing, Mainstream Voucher, and its newest program, the Family Rapid Rehousing Program in San Rafael.


San Francisco Programs

The Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool provides housing location, permanent rental subsidy, housing-focused case management and behavioral health support for adults over 60.​

Adult Rapid Rehousing offers a two-year tapered rental subsidy with housing location, housing-focused case management and vocational support to single adults with experiences of homelessness in San Francisco.

The Mainstream Voucher program supports families and disabled adults by helping them access a housing choice voucher and then providing them with two years of housing stabilization services post-placement.


Marin Programs

The Family Rapid Rehousing Program (FRRH) is a short-term rental subsidy program for families who 1) receive services from Marin CalWORKs and 2) are experiencing homelessness. The program provides housing location, move-in assistance, a tapered rental subsidy and housing stabilization services. Families typically receive the subsidy for six months. The program also delivers prevention services so that families at risk of homelessness can remain in their homes.

The Richardson Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) Water-Based Case Management Program serves the community of people living on unsanctioned vessels in the bay off of Sausalito. Program staff connects eligible participants to the Marin Housing Authority, assists them with claiming a housing voucher and supports them through the rehousing process.