Giving Tuesday | November 30, 2021

Give to make a statement: housing IS health care

Giving Tuesday is not just about giving money (although it IS about that). Giving Tuesday - the Tuesday after Thanksgiving - celebrates the spirit of radical generosity: the concept that the suffering of others should be as intolerable to us as our own suffering.

Being radically generous comes in many forms: telling a story (sometimes our own), sharing with our friends and family not simply why we give but why we care, monetary giving, and sending a message.

The message we at ECS want to send is simple, but and it may seem obvious. But it is a radical idea in its own right: Homelessness is a public health crisis. Housing is the solution.

Talk to someone about it, download our toolkit to spread the message on social media, and make a donation below. Remember, no act of radical generosity is too small.