June 29, 2016
Manny. 73 years old.
Manny’s skin is dark and leather-like, his eyes not quite focused. I wonder if these are the aftereffects of the napalm accident he endured while in Vietnam. When Manny first began attending the Episcopal Community Services’ breakfast meetings, he explained that he had been in-and-out of shelters for years while trying to secure permanent housing on his own.
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June 29, 2016
Monroe the Gardener's Journey From Homeless to SRO
I’d met Monroe at Episcopal Community Services’ Tuesday breakfast support group for homeless seniors. He came by a couple of times a month with a toothless grin on his face, telling animated, long-winded stories about his childhood in Mississippi.
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June 27, 2016
Homeless and illiterate: a San Franciscan's struggle
The words started to look the same, so Edward rubbed his eyes and stared at the classroom ceiling. "This is the hardest thing I've ever done," he said, ruffling his gray ponytail before looking down at the desk. Eight words spelled out on cards stared back at him.
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March 24, 2016
Navigating a path from homelessness to housing in San Francisco
Renay Nonog does not have a bed. She decided to get a futon instead. Every morning she folds the futon into a couch and tucks away her blankets. This way visitors like me have somewhere to sit. Nonog likes guests, but she is not used to welcoming them into her home. This is the first one she has had in six years.
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March 4, 2016
Fast-aging homeless population may lead to public health crisis
As San Francisco’s city officials grapple with how to get a handle on the burgeoning homeless population — the Division Street camp was there for months before it was finally cleared out, after all — one UCSF scientist who studies the population warns there’s another public health crisis looming.
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January 20, 2016
As rain comes down, more S.F. homeless shelters open up
The deluges that have been denting the drought are good news to just about everyone except the drenched homeless, but a bit of relief is finally cracking open for them — coincidentally, city officials say, right around the time the Super Bowl comes to town.
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December 26, 2015
'This is the Best Thing Ever!' Formerly Homeless Kids Treated to First Warriors Game - and Front Row Seats
The Golden State Warriors are the Bay Area gift that keeps on giving. It's why fans wearing their favorite holiday sweaters, and even celebrities like Drake, decided to spend their Christmas holiday watching the Dubs take on – and defeat – LeBron and the Cavs. The win means a lot to Dub Nation, but for a group of 32 previously homeless kids from San Francisco who were sitting in the front row, the game meant a whole lot more.
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November 19, 2015
Mayor Lee, Human Services Agency & San Francisco Interfaith Council Announce Emergency Winter Shelter Schedule
Winter Shelters in Conjunction with Increased Investments, Services & Expansion of Supportive Housing will Provide Essential Support for San Francisco’s Homeless Population During Expected Cold, Wet Winter...
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September 11, 2015
Meet 'Em Where They're At
Is San Francisco's Navigation Center the key to ending street homelessness—or a politically juiced Potemkin village?...
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September 11, 2015
Mayor Ed Lee adds $3M to expand homeless navigation sites
In the five months since it opened, the Navigation Center in the Mission has helped 60 formerly homeless persons find housing...
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September 3, 2015
Nurses bring healthy eating class to San Francisco’s SROs
The incentive was clear: $30 worth of free food from a San Francisco farmers’ market in exchange for taking a healthy-eating course that could save their lives...
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June 22, 2015
San Francisco Hopes New Homeless Shelter Impresses Tech Sector
An anonymous donor has given San Francisco $3 million to help address homelessness. The city is using the donation to try something new — a homeless shelter with fewer rules and more open space...
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June 18, 2015
Step Inside The New Homeless Navigation Center In The Mission
We heard a lot about this pilot project over the last year called the Homeless Navigation Center, which is an innovative shelter concept that allows homeless people living in communities with others, pets and all, to come with all their belongings and stay temporarily while applying for various city and state services, and ultimately finding more permanent housing...
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April 20, 2015
Community Partner Spotlight—Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco
Published by the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.
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April 20, 2015
S.F. mayor watches as homeless break camp for new center
So far, I think the center is meeting its objectives," Lee said. "We envisioned it as a place where people could make decisions about fairly quickly getting on the next phase of their lives, and I think that's happening...
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April 7, 2015
S.F. shelter to gain free Wi-Fi for homeless
We are a high-tech world. If you don't have access to computers and WiFi, you're at a disadvantage," Jackson told The San Francisco Examiner on Monday. "It's all about empowerment...
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March 6, 2015
S.F. plans to move entire homeless encampments into housing
The status quo is not working, and as a city we can't be afraid to break the mold and try new and innovative approaches," said Supervisor Mark Farrell. "This is one of those approaches...
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January 26, 2015
S.F. homeless programs get $3 million more in funds
San Francisco’s homeless programs scored big in the annual disbursement of federal funds to efforts around the nation aimed at helping people get off the street, and officials say the extra cash will be used to bolster supportive housing significantly...
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September 22, 2014
Home Free?
In 2005, Utah set out to fix a problem that's often thought of as unfixable: chronic homelessness. The state had almost two thousand chronically homeless people. Most of them had mental-health or substance-abuse issues, or both...
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September 16, 2014
Aerial Dance Sheds Light on San Francisco’s Most Vulnerable Homeless
ECS Shelter Director and ECS clergy volunteer describe plight of older, homeless women; aerial dance exposes their vulnerability and promotes compassion...
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July 21, 2014
Stanford Program Gives Ex-Cons Boost in Starting Businesses
Ted Stanton was paired with an intellectual property lawyer and two Stanford students who helped him craft a mission statement and figure out funding, price points and a marketing plan. He had just completed the six-month CHEFS culinary training program run by the Episcopal Community Services in San Francisco when he was chosen for ReMADE...
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July 11, 2014
From Shelters to Startups: CHEFS Program Helps Homeless by Cooking for Tech Companies
Homeless San Franciscans serving tech workers lunch is an interesting juxtaposition. Critics of the mid-market tech revitalization argue that it’s the the tech companies that are driving up rent and contributing to even more homelessness. But CHEFS culinary training manager Al Leddy says this is an effective way to bridge the gap between rich companies moving into poor neighborhoods like the Tenderloin, and the existing residents, many of whom are in shelters, transitional housing, or living on the street...
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June 25, 2014
Episcopal Community Services in Microsoft's Catalyst Magazine
Microsoft is pitching in to help through a partnership between Yammer and ECS that brings funding to ECS's CHEFS vocational program and encourages to volunteer in support of it...
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March 30, 2014
Episcopal Community Services Did it All, Finally Gets Noticed
Episcopal Community Services’ Homeless, Not Hopeless Campaign, spearheaded by HEAT Advertising, gains local recognition for HEAT and ECS...
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March 30, 2014
A Tax Break to Anchor Tech Growth in San Francisco
Al Leddy, culinary training manager at Chefs, said the program was as important for the shelters as it was for the tech companies, helping homeless people learn new skills as well as interact with tech workers in ways they normally wouldn’t. “We go into these offices and serve food, and the students feel a sense of pride talking to the tech workers,” he said...
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March 28, 2014
San Francisco's Untouchables
In one sense, San Francisco's homeless residents have never been more visible than they are in this moment in the city's history, marked by rapid construction, accelerated gentrification, and rising income inequality. But being seen doesn't mean they're getting the help they need...
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March 11, 2014
San Francisco’s Inner City After the Twitter Tax Break
Three years after the so-called Twitter tax break – an incentive San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee brokered to lure tech companies into the mid-Market Street area – the once blighted corridor is booming. To date, six companies have inked community benefits agreements (CBAs) with the city in order to take advantage of the tax deal. The mid-Market area, the epicenter of the tech boom, encompasses two neighborhoods – Tenderloin and South of Market (SoMa) — with large numbers of poor, elderly residents...
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February 26, 2014
Zynga, Mid-Market startups hire homeless cooks
As a result, students have padded their resumes and — in some cases — taken jobs at restaurants such as Nopa, Kuleto’s and 1300 on Fillmore, and also at nonprofits like Project Open Hand and St. Anthony’s. Some are even moving on to work for tech companies like Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA), which recently hired three CHEFS program graduates to staff its kitchen...
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February 7, 2014
CPMC Donates Meals to Next Door Shelter to Feed Homeless in Tenderloin Neighborhood
"Our mission to serve our community has always gone beyond our hospitals and into the city's neighborhoods, such as the Tenderloin where the Next Door Shelter is located," said CPMC CEO Warren Browner, MD, MPH. "Next Door Shelter cares for some of our most vulnerable residents, and CPMC is pleased to be a partner in the Tenderloin neighborhood."
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January 20, 2014
It's Not Too Late to Make San Francisco Affordable Again. Here's How
We face a complex problem. It has roots in income inequality, a national issue, as well as regional anti-growth attitudes that extend well beyond the city boundaries. But at the city level, there are a surprising number of things we can definitely do...
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December 28, 2013
Zendesk Hailed as Model of High Tech's Civic Involvement
"Contributing to the community is the ethical, morally right thing to do, and it's in everybody's interest," Erica Kisch said. "With Zendesk, they really do want to get involved and to contribute - and not just to follow the letter of the community benefit agreement.
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November 22, 2013
"Homeless, Not Hopeless"
During Homelessness Awareness Week, Episcopal Community Services and Heat Advertising launched “Homeless, Not Hopeless” Campaign to tackle homelessness head-on in San Francisco.
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November 21, 2013
San Francisco Food Security Task Force
ECS's Associate Director, Karen Gruneisen, serves on San Francisco's Food Security Task Force, which just released a report on hunger and food insecurity in San Francisco.
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October 29, 2013
The City's Panhandlers Tell Their Own Stories
According to the San Francisco 2013 Homeless Point-in-Time Count and Survey, 80% of homeless people do not panhandle. In this interesting article, homeless people who do panhandle talk about their lives and why they are homeless.
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July 17, 2013
Tulungan-Alalayan in Excelsior District
With the opening of the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) at the Filipino Community Center on Mission Street in Excelsior District, Filipino seniors and their families have found a welcoming place where they can get free up-to-date information, referral, and assistance to help maximize self-sufficiency, safety, health, and independence.
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June 22, 2013
Organic Pea Shoots & Cherries to Episcopal Community Services
"The organic produce served as a welcome accompaniment to ECS’s Canon Kip Senior Meal Program, which provides a hot lunch, case management, and community services to low-income elders 60 years and older. Over half of the participants are currently or formerly homeless. Sandra from Episcopal Community Services was happy to connect with Jason, one of our Produce managers and gladly accepted the fresh, tender greens and the sweet surprise of cherries!"
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June 16, 2013
Melanie Johnson, CFO of the Year Award Nominee
For CFO Melanie Johnson, working for Episcopal Community Services (ECS) of San Francisco has allowed her to use her professional skills in a field that's aligned with her own values.
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June 14, 2013
Philanthropy and Gastronomy are What's Shaking at SummerTini
San Francisco’s exceptional chefs and vendors included The Plant Café, Parallel 37, A16, Perbacco, and Hakka San served truly inspired hors d’oeuvres and cocktails during the event. They provided not only delicious bites and sips but also a sneak peek into the delights their restaurants and products offer.
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June 2, 2013
SummerTini 2013 in The Pink Pages
Join San Francisco chefs, restaurants, mixologists, and merchants for this evening of specialty hors d'oeuvres, signature martinis, wine, live music, silent and live auctions featuring unique travel and dining experiences and a student cook-off. SummerTini 2013 benefits CHEFS (Conquering Homelessness through Employment in Food Services) and other programs of Episcopal Community Services.
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May 1, 2013
The Stone Foxes' Shannon Koehler On Helping The Homeless
"At the Fillmore [show on May 4, 2013], we're working with Episcopal Community Services. They give out something like 300,000 meals a year. All the food that's donated at the show will go to our fans and friends. Everyone can bring food to the show and you can drop it off at the front door. We just want people to know that at any Stone Foxes shows people can come and drop off food. That's huge for us because we've been singing about social justice issues for a long time and, maybe we walk the walk a little bit volunteering at a shelter, but now we can do something collectively as a band."
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APRIL 28, 2013
McRoskey Supplies Beds for Homeless, Low-Income Residents
In its 113-year history, McRoskey has reportedly sold beds to Prince Charles, the late Steve Jobs and several members of the 49ers, but the company’s best work might be the donations it has provided to the Canon Barcus Community House, a long-term housing center for homeless and low-income families that’s run by Episcopal Community Services. "What I really liked about it is that they’re addressing the homeless issue with a plan." - Robin McRoskey Azevedo
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APRIL 10, 2013
ECS's Melanie Johnson nominated for CFO of the Year Award
"Melanie has provided financial leadership through Episcopal Community Services’ growth from an $9 million organization serving 6,000 homeless and formerly homeless people to a $19 million organization providing shelter, supportive housing, and social services to 14,000 homeless, formerly homeless, and other very low-income San Franciscans. Her responsibility extends as well to financial management of the organization’s three housing affiliates with annual operations of an additional $4 million. What sets Melanie apart is her extreme dedication and her longevity in a very complex and challenging environment. Most of us CFOs have one or two significant obstacles that come with whatever position we’re in. Melanie lives with a long list every day."
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DECEMBER 17, 2012
Second Annual "Canon Kippers" Reunion
November 17th marked the second annual reunion of “Canon Kippers” as the former members of Episcopal Community Services’ Canon Kip Community are called.
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DECEMBER 3, 2012
Homeless Persons' Bill of Rights and Fairness Act Introduced to Assembly
Building off of Rhode Island’s community effort, a coalition of West Coast organizations is working with Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) to introduce a Homeless Persons’ Bill of Rights and Fairness Act today. The bill’s author, Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, said, “We need to stop criminalizing the behavior of people who have nowhere else to turn. People who are in need of mental health services or who have lost their jobs and their homes are being told, ‘Move along or go to jail.’ The Homeless Persons’ Bill of Rights begins to give us a framework for appropriate approaches to protecting our communities and those who are vulnerable.”
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NOVEMBER 20, 2012
Mark Hopkins Hotel to Host Thanksgiving Dinner for Crosby Hotel Residents
On Tuesday, November 20, at 6:00 pm, the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel will host Thanksgiving dinner for nearly 70 residents of the Crosby, a supportive housing unit of the Episcopal Community Services (ECS). In addition to providing Thanksgiving dinner for those who may otherwise have had none, the hope of this meal is to bring together residents in the Tenderloin area with staff of the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel, located at the crest of Nob Hill.
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NOVEMBER 4, 2012
E&O Asian Kitchen to Host Thanksgiving for CHEFS program
On Wednesday, November 21, E&O Asian Kitchen will host Thanksgiving dinner for nearly 40 students from the non-profit organization Conquering Homelessness Through Employment in Food Services (CHEFS).
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NOVEMBER 1, 2012
Faces of San Francisco Affordable Housing
Ralph Reyes, resident of Episcopal Community Services' Bishop Swing Community House, served as an Army cook during the Korean War and was living with his grandmother when she passed away and he became homeless. ECS's Bishop Swing Community House became Ralph's home and community last year.
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OCTOBER 16, 2012
ECS urges San Francisco voters to ‘Vote YES on Prop C’
This past week, Episcopal Community Services hosted an affordable housing open house in support of San Francisco’s Proposition C on the November 6 ballot. Episcopal Community Services supports Proposition C’s Housing Trust Fund because it would create a permanent funding source for first-time homebuyer programs and affordable housing developments like our Bishop Swing Community House.
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OCTOBER 1, 2012
San Francisco Affordable Housing Day
As part of a citywide Affordable Housing Day, ECS, along with other neighborhood affordable housing organizations throughout San Francisco will open up selected buildings for tours, info sessions and refreshments. Included in the tours will be examples of housing designed for seniors, families and people with special needs. The goal of the citywide day is to provide an opportunity for up close and personal experience with the people and places that make up San Francisco’s affordable housing.
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City Hall's Plan to Tackle Homelessness with Food Trucks
The mayor’s director of HOPE (housing opportunities, partnership and engagement), Bevin Dufty, hopes to get a soul food truck on the streets of the Tenderloin soon that will be staffed by homeless people and get healthy food to those living on the streets or in supportive housing. He’s envisioning starting with one truck staffed by 12 to 14 homeless people who have access to a city-owned industrial kitchen. With help, they’ll prepare soul food and distribute it five days a week at lunch and dinner throughout the Tenderloin.
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AUGUST 3, 2012
AidanCares at Canon Kip Senior Center
Aidan Thomas Hornaday is an eleven-year-old boy who has an incredible story to tell. After discovering that his natural talent for the harmonica could make him some money, he donated his earnings to help fight childhood diseases for children in Africa. Aidan is now the center of what has grown to be the $50,000 charity AidanCares. Aidan and his mother were with us at Canon Kip Senior Center last Thursday on their way around the country to teach his generation the importance of giving.
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JULY 30, 2012
Startups partner with Tenderloin nonprofits
The rush of technology firms moving into San Francisco's Mid-Market has raised hopes that corporate volunteers can aid nonprofits that help struggling people in the surrounding Tenderloin neighborhood. The need in the area is striking. Phil Clark runs education, employment, and shelter-based behavior programs for Episcopal Community Services. "Zendesk is interested in the community that lives here. They want to add to rather than replace it," Clark said.
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MAY 15, 2012
City to Tackle Shelter Waiting Game for Disabled and Older Homeless
Why are so many unhoused San Franciscans locked in a cycle of “hurry up and wait?” The way beds are allotted to subsets of the population plays a role. Joyce Crum, director of the agency’s homeless services division, told the committee that 390 beds — about one-third — are slated for clients who are guaranteed a 90-day placement when they enroll in the county welfare program, known as Care Not Cash.
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MARCH 21, 2012
Our Daily Bread...Learning to Earn
Some Bay Area organizations have taken on the mission of transforming lives by putting food on the table in a particularly meaningful way. They have created professional food training programs for low-income people so they can earn a living in the food service industry. We're not talking about refined culinary institutes grooming executive chefs, but, instead, ordinary people being prepared for ordinary jobs.
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MARCH 6, 2012
LiveSOMA.com Awards Proceeds of 'Dogs of SOMA' Wall Calendar to ECS
Popular news and culture website liveSOMA.com conducted a pole of SOMA-area non profits back in the fall of 2011. Episcopal Community Services won the poll in a landslide and as a result, would benefit from the proceeds of wall calendar sales featuring dogs in various SOMA locations. "It marked a number of firsts for LiveSOMA, and hopefully we can leverage that experience toward making an even bigger impact throughout the community moving forward."
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MARCH 1, 2012
"Homelessness Czar" Bevan Dufty Speaks on KQED's Forum
Former San Francisco supervisor and mayoral hopeful Bevan Dufty has been appointed as the "Homelessness Czar" of San Francisco. He spoke on KQED's Forum about Jane Kim's night at Next Door shelter and how we should be more lenient with homeless alcoholics.
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FEBRUARY 22, 2012
Supervisor Jane Kim Hopes to Expand Programs for Shelters
“I was really shocked by how generous other clients were,” said Kim at a community meeting on Treasure Island on Feb. 15. “When you meet someone so generous, it reminds you how much you have to give.” Kim was struck by the amount of time clients spend in shelters and contended that it is the city’s opportunity to provide health assessments through the Department of Public Health.
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FEBRUARY 1, 2012
Susie Coliver and Bob Herman's Remarks at the 2nd Annual Awards Luncheon
Susie Coliver and Bob Herman, principals of Herman Coliver Locus Architecture, were honorees at our 2nd Annual Awards Luncheon. The rousing and informative speech they delivered at the event highlighted many differences between supportive housing and market-rate housing.
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JANUARY 25, 2012
Supervisor Jane Kim's Night at our Next Door Shelter
Check out this article on ECS’s Next Door Shelter by Supervisor Jane Kim (named acting mayor while Ed Lee is out of town). Kim describes ECS’s Next Door shelter as “an incredible support network."
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DECEMBER 23, 2011
SF Business Times Non-Profit Executive Profile of Ken Reggio
SF Business Times Nonprofit Profile features Ken Reggio, Executive Director, Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco. A candid interview conducted by Sarah Duxbury of the Business Times.
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DECEMBER 16, 2011
St. Mary's Cathedral Hosts Interfaith Shelter
George Raine of the Catholic San Francisco weekly newspaper writes about interfaith efforts providing help the homeless in the City. St. Mary’s Cathedral is one of three churches that have welcomed homeless men for the past 23 years, and additional 35 congregations buy, cook and serve them an evening dinner and breakfast each morning.
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NOVEMBER 10, 2011
City Announces Interfaith Winter Shelter Program for 2011 - 2012
For 23 years, Episcopal Community Services and the Human Services Agency (HSA) have collaborated with the San Francisco Interfaith Council to provide additional shelter services to homeless men in San Francisco. The Human Services Agency has announced the following schedule for the San Francisco Interfaith Council Emergency Winter Shelter Program and shelter site locations.
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SEPTEMBER 30, 2011
Ken Reggio speaks on Working Radio
In September, ECS Executive Director Ken Reggio spoke on Larry Olson's Working Radio. Among the the many things he said about Episcopal Community Services: “We are the largest provider of services, shelter, and supportive housing for homeless people in San Francisco. Tonight and every night we have about 1,500 to 1,600 people who are with us—about 500 in shelter and 1000 in permanent supportive housing."
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JULY 22, 2011
CHEFS wins Edison Award for Social Impact
Earlier this year, CHEFS was privileged to receive the 2011 Edison Award for Innovation in Social Impact. ECS Board Member Alex Senchak and CHEFS Manager Sandra Marilyn flew to New York in April to receive this national award, which recognizes the program's high job placement rate and the excellent preparation and support that CHEFS students receive.
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DECEMBER 26, 2010
Bishop William Swing wants a U.N. for religions
"The first night, Jan. 1, 1981, we housed 40 people. The second night was 250 people. Before long, it was 1,000, which is when we had to move to another site."
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NOVEMBER 24, 2010
Recently homeless culinary student feels at home in the kitchen
"Part of the CHEFS program requires each student to take command of the kitchen for a day, and play a full menu. "
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Lifeline from the street
"Camarena, 36, was one of the 40 people who had applied to the program, operated by the Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco on the first floor of the Canon Kip Community House. It begins with three months of intensive hands-on training in the Canon Kip kitchen, with guest lecturers like Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats, on butchering"
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NOVEMBER 25, 2009
Giving thanks for helping the homeless through CHEFS
"I've written about this program, Conquering Homelessness through Employment in Food Service, before, and I'm continually impressed by what they do to turn about 60 homeless men and women each year into productive, employed citizens."
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NOVEMBER 20, 2009
Winter homeless shelter to open this weekend
"The Human Services Agency and Episcopal Community Services are collaborating with the San Francisco Interfaith Council to provide additional shelter services to ensure our homeless residents have refuge from the cold." 
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JULY 2, 2009
Nourishing bodies, nourishing souls
"The program is called "Dinner with Grace" and it brings together two very different groups of people who break bread and stereotypes about the homeless." 
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APRIL 30, 2009
Levi Strauss Foundation Provides Cash Grants to San Francisco Nonprofits That Serve the Homeless
"These efforts are increasingly vital as the economic recession has pushed more families and young people into homelessness and substantially increased the need for support."
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APRIL 24, 2009
Yahoo! grant helps San Francisco cathedral serve meals to Tenderloin residents
"The Yahoo! grant will help feed twice as many formerly homeless people as last year, and will help in "creating avenues of conversation, and bridges of support, which will transform lives." 
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APRIL 17, 2009
Feeling guilty about luxury dining
"The idea really came home to me when I was a guest critic at the CHEFS program (Conquering Homelessness through Employment in Food Service), run by Episcopal Community Services." 
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MARCH 26, 2009
Advocates want stimulus cash used to avoid cuts
"A fight has broken out in San Francisco over how to spend millions of federal stimulus dollars earmarked for health and human services, with advocates arguing the cash should be used on things like keeping shelters open and saving jobs of social service workers." 
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JULY 25, 2007
Conquering Homelessness In The Kitchen
"San Francisco is a foodie paradise and Derek Edwards is in the middle of it all, but he's no ordinary chef. This is where his career began, in this kitchen, part of a program aptly called CHEFS, or Conquering Homelessness through Employment in Food Service." 
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JUNE 17, 2007
Marisa Churchill: Life of a 'Top Chef'
"When not cooking up her signature black currant tea creme brulee with huckleberry compote, [Marisa Churchill] can be found doing laps in the pool or lending her support to CHEFS (Conquering Homelessness Through Employment in Food Service), a program that provides culinary training and work placement to homeless adults." 
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JULY 24, 2006
Cooking to fight homelessness
When I debuted this blog more than two months ago, I wrote about the CHEFS program at Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco (at Eighth and Natoma streets). 
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AUGUST 21, 2005
There's No Place Like a Home
After 6 years living out of vans and trailers, the Silver family moves into a 3-bedroom subsidized apartment and enjoys the simple pleasures -- taking a bath, watching movies together on the sofa, getting a fresh start. 
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